Hand therapy

I’ve been dealing with off and on hand pain since shortly after Lotus was born, so three years now. I had a big flare over Christmas and decided to finally make that Rheumatology appointment. Of course, the pain went away by the day of the appointment but she cleared a bunch of labs, an x-ray and sent me to an occupational therapist.

The therapist is fantastic and pointed out an issue with hypermobility in my joints right away. This explained why I never liked kneeling or laying on the floor and why my births rocket out at breakneck speeds. Apparently, loosey goosey joints are a problem….my problem, and it was complete news to me.

Muscle strengthening and contraptions are in order. Contraptions are easier said then done. I don’t even wear my wedding ring! This is craziness!


2 Responses to “Hand therapy”

  1. Omi Says:

    Interesting! I hope it helps! I hate kneeling and laying down on the floor too, not comfortable at all!

  2. Zoe Says:

    Maybe you have hyperextension in your joints too. I never noticed or cared really until my hands starting getting mystery pains.

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