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Creative freedom

Since the kids do a self directed type of homeschooling we’ve always made sure everything is accessible-craft supplies in bins at their level, books available, their own computer to use, games in the closet.

I’ve always been amazed by the spontaneous crafting. This is what’s happening at 9pm on a Tuesday night.


While they were working at the table I was busy in the kitchen making bread and a deliciously moist applesauce cake. Yum! What a fun, productive evening.


before and after

Not a lot of time needs to pass between the before and after…and then again to the before. Waaah!

Dsc 0032Mess0313Web
Dsc 0035Mess0313Web
All better…
Dsc 0042Clean0313Web
Dsc 0045Clean0313Web
Even Luke is cleaned up with a fresh hair-do.
Dsc 0046Cleanluke0313Web

Xander’s New Cruiser

We picked up an Electra cruiser style single speed for Xander off Craig’s List today-wide saddle, wide tires and an easy upright position. Hopefully this will help him feel more secure and able to relax on a bike. We just need to get him a basket to haul his stuff in.

Both he and Isaac agree it is a fun ride!

family bike trip

A concert at the library is a perfect excuse to head out on a family bike ride, play at Dawson Creek park and listen to some great music. The band was called The Toy Trains.

Thank goodness for the bike tow set up on the Mundo because Xander, once again, couldn’t go very far on his own. I suspect he is shouldering a lot of worry and tensing every muscle until he can’t take it anymore. Hopefully he can learn to relax and enjoy the freedom of the ride soon.
Great music! the kids dancing up front is always fun to watch.

Cool Moon Ice Cream Shop Tour

We joined other homeschoolers for an ice cream shop tour today. It’s the Cool Moon shop in NW Portland.

We all crammed into the kitchen and watched them make a “birthday cake” flavor, got to know a little bit about their process and then tasted the final product.

Back around to the front of the shop we, of course, ordered a cone.

UJ Hamby Park

We rode the bikes to UJ Hamby park (I finally learned its name!). It’s close and fun-I don’t know why we don’t go there more often?

Isaac and Xander cruised their bikes around the path, they played by the water.
Lotus played very close to the water…
Next time we need to explore the woods at the end of the path.

Simon is SIX

A little family celebration at Grandma and Grandpa’s for Simon’s sixth birthday (that is actually tomorrow).

Then we drove over to my sister Omi’s new property. What a great place! An orchard to play in…
Finally we got back home and surprised Simon with his birthday gift. They were trying to guess what it was with three clues: Green, sparkly and one pedal. Of course they were stumped and the suspense was killing them. It was exactly what he asked for!

A DIY bike tow on the Yuba Mundo

Jason attached a piece of wood to the right foot rest/platform for easy tow support for Xander’s bike.

Dscn0634Mundobiketow Web
We just pop the front wheel in and use a strap or bungee to secure it. Jason took it for a test spin and it works great!
Dscn0635Mundobiketow Web
We had to make sure it works with the panniers on and it does-we just have to flip up the support at the bottom of the bag and flatten it out a little.
Dscn0638Mundobiketow Web

Nice day

It would have been a shame not to get outside today! The sun is shining and warm after a stretch of grey days.
Check out my new bike bags! I wanted something smaller for day to day bike rides. I’ll leave the giant bags in the garage and save them for grocery hauls. Aren’t they slick? Made by Basil. They kind of remind me of diaper bags but the extra pockets are handy for small items, like the sunglasses and keys.

Xander is riding his own bike and feeling more confident.
As soon as I mentioned going on a bike ride, Lotus ran downstairs to Isaac and ordered him to get his shoes and helmet on. We both had a laugh over that. Isaac showed her he already had his shoes on, so she said, “Oh…get your helmet on!”
“Take a picture of my mushroom.”
It’s hard to pin this girl down for a photo.