Parrot Nest Lodge in San Ignacio, Belize

We had such a wonderful time in Belize! Now that we are home I can work on the many photos taken and start sharing them here.

This was our first international travel with our four children and it could not have gone better. We traveled extremely light, “the Rick Steves-one bag” method and it made things easy.

We used two eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible bags for all of our clothes/packing and a smaller backpack for waters, snacks, camera and other day pack items. The eBags are exact carry-on luggage measurements and carry easily with backpack straps. We were able to travel light and avoid checking any luggage. We only packed four days worth of clothing and did laundry once during the trip. From the airport security to customs; taxi to hotel staff, we got so many comments about how light we packed. People kept asking where our bags were. “We have them right here on our backs!”

The path from the main dining and hang-out area to our cabin at Parrot Nest Lodge in San Ignacio…


Our cabin…


No AC or TV, screens without windows, tin roof, geckos all over and the deafening sounds of crickets and tropical birds. It was fabulous!


The lodge is family run and feels like home. Breakfast and dinner were served fresh and unprocessed every day. The only unhealthy food we saw the entire trip was the fake maple syrup (too far from maple trees :D) and the ketchup. Maybe I’ll need to add 3oz of maple syrup to my carry-on liquid ration next time. ha!


The Mopan River right in front of the lodge.


I asked the kids what their favorite part of each day was and on this day Lotus said it was when she found this flower…


The main hang-out area where we chilled on hammocks and used the free wi-fi. The owner hooked the kids up with some paper and markers. A book shelf full of children’s books kept Lotie busy.


This is the “toy box” I packed in the day-pack. It kept both Lotus and Simon happy on many occasions. We also brought two iPads loaded with things to watch…


Many family pets hanging out with us…


We ventured into town for lunch and sight seeing…


Seeing all the school kids in uniform was fun. Every school is affiliated with a church and every school has their own uniform. They all bust out for lunch and return later for the second half of their school day.


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