Cahal Pech Mayan Ruin in San Ignacio, Belize

Our first Mayan Ruin experience was just a quick taxi ride up a hill in San Ignacio to Cahal Pech. It was an expansive park setting with a museum.




Can you see the Bergemans up there?


There was a little boy, about 6, following us around-his family works the gift shop there. I asked him if he gets to play here every day and he nodded yes. The only minor hiccup was getting a bunch a fire ants in our shoes and feeling the stings. The kids screamed as we yanked shoes off and brushed the ants out. We learned to watch out for them. The’re tiny!


We were all impressed with the size of the various leaves…



One of the ruin tour guides explained how small the Mayans were and temples were built steep with big steps. Climbing to the top is a spiritual act that requires some effort. This is me starting the spiritual ascent. I make it look so easy, eh?

(need to locate the awesome gif that goes here)

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