today’s bikey frustrations

***Update on Jason and his seizure scare: He saw the neurologist today and the next step is an MRI and an EEG in the next week. In the meantime he needs to avoid risky activities and no driving for at least the next three months***

Lotus is big enough to ride Simon’s old Strider. It’s funny to see her walking it carefully between her legs, just like little Simon did in the beginning. Soon enough she’ll be zooming around on it.

A few frustrations with the new bike. First, I am upset to finally figure out my gmail was being blocked by Craigslist-which seems to be an ongoing issue with gmail accounts and Craigslist. I kept thinking I was not getting a response and ended up buying a new bike when I couldn’t get it second hand. I realized something was up when the bike I wanted on Craig’s list was re-listed a few days ago, Googled the issue and sure enough, lots of hits on the problem. grrrr!

Secondly, I should have ordered an XS bike instead of the small. I have to keep the seat at the lowest position and now I can’t ride with the trail-a-bike attached for Simon like I had hoped.

Thirdly…yes, there is a third issue-the front baby seat is incredibly cramped on this bike. My arms are tightly wrapped around her and her head is right in my face. My hopes of a second mama-kid hauling set up in which Simon can pedal is not working out so far. The guy really wants to pedal too, but is not ready to ride on his own.

It would be an easy thing to hook it all up to Jason’s bike so we’ll save it until we know more about his health scare. For now he has ridden in front of the house after adjusting my bike but that’s it. We’re both kind of scared of taking that risk just now.

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