New bike

The seizure scare with Jason put a damper on the excitement over my new bike arriving. His appointment with the neurologist isn’t until Thursday and he hasn’t had another seizure, thankfully, so we’ve just been taking it easy and waiting.

I didn’t leave him at all over the weekend and then Monday evening I went to the grocery store to pick up a few snacks and a box of cold cereal. After laying around depressed all day, I thought convenience foods would be better than relying on my cooking. But today, Tuesday, I’m not as useless as I thought. I made bread and Xander and I walked over to the bike shop to bring my new bike home.

Woohoo! A nice easy rider with a low step through frame. It’s a Giant Sedona. When my Amazon order finally ships I can get it all dressed out with accessories.

Jason made some beautiful apple pies too. Life goes on, even when scared and worried.


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