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No more standing on my head to sort through baking pans under the stove. Jason built in this nifty storage rack and we love it!

Homemade crackers are something we’ve been experimenting with. We definitely have not found the perfect recipe yet but the kids chowed down the first two batches and it turns out Simon loves goat cheese. He’s my pickiest of picky eaters so that was a surprise.
Homemade bread is second nature to us now. I make four loaves every week and it hardly take any time at all. Next on my “real food agenda” is homemade broth. I keep thinking I’m doing good and then find another nasty in our foods.

I’ve been buying organic chicken and beef broth for soup recipes and I can’t believe I never looked at the ingredients before. I took a gander and lo and behold: “yeast extract,” aka MSG.
Lotus finally figured out pedaling. She had so much fun cruising around the block. This Kettler Kiddi-o trike is fantastic! We picked it up cheap off Craig’s list. It has two ways to adjust the size, making it a comfortable ride for both two year old Lotus and six year old Simon.

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