Bike shopping

Lotus and I rode over to the bike store and ordered yet another bike. It’s getting to be a sickness! I don’t really have a bike just for me, for when I take solo trips. I’ve been using Jason’s bike and it is way too big for me (hello, bar to the groin when I stopped too short. Ouch!). A craigslist purchase didn’t pan out so I opted for new <sigh>.

I want a comfort bike with a nice low step-through frame. Getting on and off the Yuba Mundo is tough but I manage it for the ease of transporting multiple kids and cargo. When I take off on my own, I want the bike to be just my size, comfortable and inviting. I can’t wait!

A stop at the park to climb and run around…
Lotus decided walking is more fun.
Back onboard for the rest of the way home…

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