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A DIY bike tow on the Yuba Mundo

Jason attached a piece of wood to the right foot rest/platform for easy tow support for Xander’s bike.

Dscn0634Mundobiketow Web
We just pop the front wheel in and use a strap or bungee to secure it. Jason took it for a test spin and it works great!
Dscn0635Mundobiketow Web
We had to make sure it works with the panniers on and it does-we just have to flip up the support at the bottom of the bag and flatten it out a little.
Dscn0638Mundobiketow Web

Nice day

It would have been a shame not to get outside today! The sun is shining and warm after a stretch of grey days.
Check out my new bike bags! I wanted something smaller for day to day bike rides. I’ll leave the giant bags in the garage and save them for grocery hauls. Aren’t they slick? Made by Basil. They kind of remind me of diaper bags but the extra pockets are handy for small items, like the sunglasses and keys.

Xander is riding his own bike and feeling more confident.
As soon as I mentioned going on a bike ride, Lotus ran downstairs to Isaac and ordered him to get his shoes and helmet on. We both had a laugh over that. Isaac showed her he already had his shoes on, so she said, “Oh…get your helmet on!”
“Take a picture of my mushroom.”
It’s hard to pin this girl down for a photo.





archery and trampolines

Archery and trampolines on the same day! Jason agreed to keep Lotus home while he worked and the guys and I had a fun day out.

Writing their names on their targets at Archers in Tigard…
Getting some instructions from the coach…
Bullseye! They did get quite a few. Simon got very close several times and they all had fun.
Sky High Sports, a trampoline place also in Tigard.

Classic mom prank: tiny stack of pancakes

I blamed the miniature stacks of pancakes on my shrink ray, of course. The regular sized pancakes were brought out, rest assured.