Out and about

Xander and Simon went with me to pick up a library book and were hoping the new park would be finished. Not yet!

We rode our bikes over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house today. Cousin Icen was there too. Grandma pile!
Cousin friends.
One of the reasons for the bike trip was to give Xander some ride time on his own bike. The three kids loaded on the cargo bike is getting really heavy for me and I’ve been encouraging Xander out of the “cargo nest.” Learning to ride a bike has been hard for him and he needs to build his confidence. He’s excited and motivated to do that but his endurance is low at this point.

Stopped at the school playground by my parent’s house.
Almost home and Xander can go no further. His hands and arms are sore from playing on the monkey bars and we weren’t making any progress, so…
Three kids and an extra bike in tow, and it was getting dark, but we made it!

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