Fresh air!

We spent an entire week housebound with the Norovirus, or whatever the nasty stomach thing is going around, and then I thought Xander had the chicken pox but it turned out to be hives. Thank goodness it resolved itself because that would have been another month stuck at home while it worked its way through all the kids.

Xander is like our canary in the mines. He will break out in the sniffles, itchy red eyes and rash if we step onto a public bus or other random times. I have not figured out exactly what the allergy is.

Today we were all feeling good and got outside for some fresh air.

My finished knitting project: “Shannon’s Fingerless Gloves”
It turns out the weather was not cold enough for mitts. Hurray!
We stopped at Bagley Park. I have never seen so many people at the park on a week day.
I wanted to take the kids to lunch downtown Main street but it is so frustrating cycling there: No bikes allowed on the sidewalks, no bike paths and side streets crammed with parked cars. We got off our bikes and walked them down the sidewalk only to discover the one tiny bike rack was full.

So we continued our journey to the grocery store…
I’ve used this deli for years, mostly for a sandwich. We decided to go crazy and actually look at the menu on display and order the gyro, grilled cheese, etc. I guess we are not the only ones to never look at the menu because they acted like no one had ever ordered that stuff. They had to send someone out to find gyro bread and fries. Xander ordered an “egg sandwich” and I thought it was funny they didn’t ask him how he wanted his egg. We waited for the surprise and…

…egg salad sandwich came. Surprise! The funniest part was how flustered they got. The entire deli came to a halt because of the “huge order they just got” ($26 worth of food). I guess we do live in a small town?
I learned it’s better to have both saddle bags on the bike when grocery shopping. All the weight on one side makes it hard to get going and I felt it pulling to that side. Never rely on “I’m just going to grab a few things.” Next thing you know-fruit, milk, cereal, toy handcuffs, cookies…

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