Xander’s birthday

I’m a little late since the battery to the camera needed charging but here’s Xander’s party…

He asked for a Spiderman costume. Unfortunately it’s impossible to find a quality costume in a child’s size. The mask was way too small so we’ve had to order another one…

Jason made him a Minecraft cake (the computer game he loves).



Also on the camera…

This is my life the last two years. Me and my Lotie. She snuggles on me and the thumb goes in her mouth because somehow I became her “lovie”-that special thing she has to have while sucking her thumb.
And look who’s turning 13 this month. Our dog-friend, Luke! He’s pretty much lost his hearing and he’s on an antidepressant for bladder control but he’s still doing pretty good otherwise.

I took this photo when changing the camera back to auto focus “face priority.” The focus point immediately popped up around his face and cracked me up. Too bad the focus did not actually end up on his face….grrr. Manual focal points take too many steps on a point and shoot and auto is spotty so I guess there is no perfect solution with this camera, unless it was just too low of a shutter speed and motion blur.

It’s hard to go back to a point and shoot from a DSLR!

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