Xander’s hair growing progress

This is Xander’s hair last year and today using the same kind of point and shoot camera we had borrowed from Jason’s grandpa at that time…


This year we finally bought the same camera (just a couple days ago) and it is indeed a nice all-in-one camera to have (the Nikon Coolpix P510) but I am still learning how to use it. Jason made my day by changing the focus points from auto to manual but then I couldn’t figure out how to rotate to a different focus area. I’ll get it figured out.

Xander is another year older, his 9th birthday is on the 7th, and he is still growing his hair out! I thought he’d have gone for a haircut by now but he hasn’t wanted to and I think it looks really nice.


I wonder if I’ll be posting a hair photo again next year??

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