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Friday night! Woot!

I’m flirting with the idea of new countertops this year. Maybe?

I wanted a photo of us in my knits: shawl, new hat and Jason’s new sweater vest. Jason and Isaac have something in common when it comes to photos-they get stiff and forget how to smile. Ha!
Hey! We got a smile but now we’re out of focus. Oh well.
See what I mean about Isaac and Jason? Two peas in a pod. Yes, we got all dolled up to go to an indoor children’s play place. This is our life right now.

My new knitting project is a multicolored shawl and I LOVE how it is turning out. It is going to be one gorgeous hippie wrap.

My new hat!

Uh oh! I downloaded an app for posting to my blog from the iPad. This could mean more crappy iPad photos in my blog’s future. Hopefully not.

After spending more than a month on Jason’s sweater vest, it was wonderful to be able to make myself a sweet little slouchy hat in a day. Knit with the same luxurious yarn used for Jason’s project, it is so soft and cozy…

I still have almost two skeins of this yarn left. Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Hand Dyes, if anyone wants to pamper themselves.



wood pile 2013

Xander-cam once again…

We got a pile of GREEN wood today. What does it take to find seasoned wood close by?? It’s Oregon, you’d think it would be easy. Maybe it’s because we are wood stove noobs still. At least it will be good for next year.

PS-As a knitter, I should have a better hat. It may be my next project: a new hat and a pair of fingerless mitts. for moi.
This guy is building us some better wood racks to store it all.

bacon and hand knits

Snapped these pics of the kids having breakfast today because it made me laugh seeing tiny Lotus eating up at the bar with the big kids. She’s growing!


I finished a second sweater vest for Jason and it is COZY! I might be stealing it often. It’s a merino/alpaca hand dyed wool and it is so soft and warm.

This pic I tried to take of myself because Xander kept getting it out of focus. Not so great but I love the evil grinned, Simon photo bomb. I love that guy’s sense of humor.
Xander tries again with better results. Hours and hours of knitting…

Neighborhood park

We finally took the bikes out for a short cruise to our neighborhood park. The sun was shining and it didn’t feel as bitter as it has been.

Ready to launch…
Duel effort: I held the camera and Isaac pushed the button. Buddies!
Xander took some video of our ride home, including the near fall as we pulled into the garage when I almost dumped them all off the bike. Have I mentioned the one downside to the Yuba Mundo? I am short and the bar is high, making it difficult for me to get on and off. I’ll have to see if I can upload the video.
Ready, set, go!


Since we’ve turned off the heater and started using the wood stove, the downstairs family room is too darn cold. All of the computers were brought upstairs and are taking over the dining room table. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal since we have the three barstools but I miss having a clean table!

They may just have to start bundling up to play on the computer soon:D
Painting0113 2Web
It gets super warm by the fire…
Painting0113 1Web

at the park

I’ve been a total bike slacker and we drove to the park instead of cycling:( The hot/sweaty vs freezing cold combo is rough and it’s become all too easy to talk myself into just taking the car. Hopefully we can get out on the bike soon for a shorter distance that will eliminate the hot/sweaty part of the equation but still get us out.

Rood Bridge park with some new friends…

Simon opting for bare feet in spite of the cold…

Xander’s birthday

I’m a little late since the battery to the camera needed charging but here’s Xander’s party…

He asked for a Spiderman costume. Unfortunately it’s impossible to find a quality costume in a child’s size. The mask was way too small so we’ve had to order another one…

Jason made him a Minecraft cake (the computer game he loves).



Also on the camera…

This is my life the last two years. Me and my Lotie. She snuggles on me and the thumb goes in her mouth because somehow I became her “lovie”-that special thing she has to have while sucking her thumb.
And look who’s turning 13 this month. Our dog-friend, Luke! He’s pretty much lost his hearing and he’s on an antidepressant for bladder control but he’s still doing pretty good otherwise.

I took this photo when changing the camera back to auto focus “face priority.” The focus point immediately popped up around his face and cracked me up. Too bad the focus did not actually end up on his face….grrr. Manual focal points take too many steps on a point and shoot and auto is spotty so I guess there is no perfect solution with this camera, unless it was just too low of a shutter speed and motion blur.

It’s hard to go back to a point and shoot from a DSLR!

Xander’s hair growing progress

This is Xander’s hair last year and today using the same kind of point and shoot camera we had borrowed from Jason’s grandpa at that time…


This year we finally bought the same camera (just a couple days ago) and it is indeed a nice all-in-one camera to have (the Nikon Coolpix P510) but I am still learning how to use it. Jason made my day by changing the focus points from auto to manual but then I couldn’t figure out how to rotate to a different focus area. I’ll get it figured out.

Xander is another year older, his 9th birthday is on the 7th, and he is still growing his hair out! I thought he’d have gone for a haircut by now but he hasn’t wanted to and I think it looks really nice.


I wonder if I’ll be posting a hair photo again next year??

Day trip to Mt Hood

It’s easy to forget how close we are to *real* snow. The excitement started just driving through “Narnia,” as the kids called it.

We didn’t make it much further than the place we rented the snowshoes because the kids were compelled to climb every mound or wall of snow we walked by. Eventually we gave up walking to the trail and just played on the snowbanks alongside the road.

Warming up with some hot cocoa and dinner…
Isaac always orders the biggest thing on the menu…