Christmas 2012

All we did was stockings this year and the kids are happy!

We are not Pagan, Christian or any other religion and the cultural push to spend, spend, spend has gradually felt more wasteful than fun to me. Even the kids agreed they didn’t really need anything. We love to get them what they need/want when the need/want arises and try to discourage the mentality behind shopping just because there is money to spend…or in the case of Christmas, just because cultural tradition dictates.

However, they do still enjoy a little tradition and the excitement of waking up to a surprise, so stockings loaded with goodies is a good compromise.

Dsc 0055Christmas2012Web
Dsc 0056Christmas2012Web
Merry Christmas!
Dsc 0062Christmas2012Web
Uncle Aaron brought over a sweet train set and they’ve had fun building block tunnels. Aaron wants to upgrade from this HO scale set to an O scale, so it got me looking at scale sizes and train info online. There are a lot of cool sets available! My maternal Grandpa was a big train guy and had an extensive hobby train and landscape set up in his garage. I remember how mesmerizing it was to look at. Maybe Aaron caught the train building bug:)

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