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Christmas tree and cookie decorating season…
Dsc 0074Christmascookies122012Web

We made an announcement to the kids that we will not be doing Christmas presents this year. WAIT….hold on…hear me out on this:

The kids pretty much get what they want all year. They are not greedy or materialistic and Christmas has started to feel like obligatory shopping for random things they don’t need or care about. The plan is to fill up the stockings with goodies and instead of presents we’ll focus on experiences and a nice meal; maybe go somewhere and stay in a hotel. The older boys agreed readily and I thought Simon would protest but his reaction was an enthusiastic, “Just knit something and put it in our stockings.” Ha!

So here we are doing some UN-Christmas shopping-

We managed a family bike trip to Target so Jason could pick up a few things for his grandpa. The kids got a few things too and we fit it all on the bikes.
Img 0401Biketargetweb2012
Even this toy shopping cart…
Img 0405Biketargetweb2012
Lotus was not too happy about having to pack it away…
Img 0406Biketargetweb2012
Everything loaded…
Img 0407Biketargetweb2012
Lastly, I snapped a couple pics of a knitting forum swap package Lotus and I received. The teas smelled so good when I opened it up!
Dsc 0077Knitswap122012Web
Lotus modeling the hand knit hat. Her nose is still red from getting upset a little bit earlier; poor baby.
Dsc 0083Lotieknitswap122012Web

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