Bike Craft in PDX

Today was a fun bikey, yarny, Portland day. We cruised around the block on our bikes before heading out because Xander is getting used to his new bike…

Dsc 0024Iznxanbikes2012Web
Then we went to Bike Craft PDX and saw many bike related handmade goods for sale. Whole Foods was giving out satsumas so I snapped a photo of the family peeling and eating them with the buzz of the market in the background. You’re not 100% Portland-hip unless you have a newsboy/biker style hat and some kind of leather/studded bracelet, apparently. We have neither and committed Bike Craft sin by driving to the fair instead of taking bikes, but we’re not technically Portlanders;)

Dsc 0044Bikecraft2012Web
Dsc 0049Bikecraft2012Web
Then we stopped at the yarn store and I bought some yummy hand dyed yarn for a project for Jason. He actually thought of something he’d like me to make for him and it’s a sweater vest. That’s right, a *sweater vest*. My challenge is to make a sweater vest that does not look nerdy or ill fitting. We’ll see if I can do it.

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