Bike sweetness

Three trips on the bike today: library, milk pick-up and the bike shop, totaling 13.85 miles. Lotus got her new seat with the windshield and it makes a huge difference. I get to chat with her along the way and she is protected from the cold wind. It must be pretty comfy since she fell asleep at one point.

Now I can fit Xander and Simon on the back and with Lotus on the front the weight seems better balanced.

The windshield makes it look extra cool too; I heard a little kid yell “cool motorcycle!” ha!

Dsc 0008Bikeshield112012Web
My new set of bike keys: bike locks, baby seat lock and garage opener. It’s nice to have everything together and be able to peddle right up to the open garage door.
Dsc 0018Bikekeysweb
Isaac got a new bike today. Poor guy was trying to keep up with us on his 20″ wheels and it was tough! We had to get him a 24″ but if he was just a little bit taller the 26″ bikes were MUCH better. I can’t wait for him to get that bike. Luckily, we have three younger kids so it won’t be a waste if he grows out of it in a year.

Isaac’s new bike next to his old…

EDIT: We took this bike back because we found an actual road bike in the 24″. Yay! Now we don’t have to modify a mountain bike.
Dsc 0020Isaacnewbikeweb-1

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