The new bike

Check out our sweet new ride! I got a Yuba Mundo with plans to bike commute for most of my local errands.

I’ve been tooling around the ‘hood with it for a little while but today was our first trip to the grocery store.

Heading off to the store, with a stop by my parent’s house on the way…
Dsc 0004Bikegroceries112012Web
Home again with two GIANT saddle bags full of groceries. Actually they weren’t even close to being full; these bags swallow everything up.
Note: I am wearing my recently knit “ugly sweater”. I called it that the entire time I worked on it and it is indeed frumpy but very comfy;)
Dsc 0005Grocerybike112012Web
The conservative haul. I was afraid it would be too heavy for me to balance the weight of a 55 pound bike, two kids and a ton of groceries but it was amazingly smooth…
Dsc 0010Bikegroceries112012Web

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