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Good looking bunch o’ kids

Some pics of the kids today, on our way out for some shopping.

Dsc 0017Kids112912Web
Check out Xander’s hair in a braid now. He’s been growing it out for over a year, since the day I asked if anyone wanted to go with Jason for haircuts and Xander announced he would no longer be getting it cut.
Dsc 0014Kids11292012Web

“Take a picture of me with a silly face.”
Dsc 0021Simon112912Web
New knit hat, not for Isaac so it is too big for him…
Dsc 0003Knithat112012Web

Lotie in a sweater that was given to me. Yay for awesome knits I did not have to make!
Dsc 0004Lotie11292012Web


Look at us so happy to be cruising off for the grocery shopping. I didn’t know yet that we would arrive only to realize I had forgotten my wallet. Doh! I had to come back home and drive because it was going to be too dark for a second ride.

Jason bought me some lights for the bike but, although they are a step up from reflectors and do alert drivers to our presence, the front light is nowhere near bright enough to act as a headlight. Navigating downed branches and leaf piles is scary in the dark!

Nevertheless, we had a good ride and the cutest thing ever is seeing Lotus signaling along with me now: my arm goes out for a left turn and her little arm goes out too. So adorable! I need to figure out how I can capture that on video.

Dsc 0035Bike112712Web

Knitting projects

My first try at faire isle knitting-which is using different colors to create pictures and patterns. It’s tough to knit without getting a tight band of fabric that won’t stretch, and my results are less than perfect. This is a size 2-4T: The Choo-Choo Toque.

Dsc 0007Knittingfaireisle112512Web

Dsc 0010Knittingfaireisle112512Web

Dsc 0009Knittingfaireisle112512Web

And a no nonsense shawl that I *adore*…

Dsc 0016Knittingshawl2012Web

Bike sweetness

Three trips on the bike today: library, milk pick-up and the bike shop, totaling 13.85 miles. Lotus got her new seat with the windshield and it makes a huge difference. I get to chat with her along the way and she is protected from the cold wind. It must be pretty comfy since she fell asleep at one point.

Now I can fit Xander and Simon on the back and with Lotus on the front the weight seems better balanced.

The windshield makes it look extra cool too; I heard a little kid yell “cool motorcycle!” ha!

Dsc 0008Bikeshield112012Web
My new set of bike keys: bike locks, baby seat lock and garage opener. It’s nice to have everything together and be able to peddle right up to the open garage door.
Dsc 0018Bikekeysweb
Isaac got a new bike today. Poor guy was trying to keep up with us on his 20″ wheels and it was tough! We had to get him a 24″ but if he was just a little bit taller the 26″ bikes were MUCH better. I can’t wait for him to get that bike. Luckily, we have three younger kids so it won’t be a waste if he grows out of it in a year.

Isaac’s new bike next to his old…

EDIT: We took this bike back because we found an actual road bike in the 24″. Yay! Now we don’t have to modify a mountain bike.
Dsc 0020Isaacnewbikeweb-1

five people-two bikes

I did it! Getting the bike started with three kids takes a little oomph but once it gets going it’s no trouble at all. We should call it the “chatterbox” because the noise of kids talking and me responding and us all having a good time is lively!

We cruised over to my parent’s house to drop off a portion of the pumpkin pie I made and then we went to the park to run and tromp through the leaves. We all decided gloves are important for future rides and the windshield I ordered for Lotus can’t come soon enough. It’s cold!

Dsc 0001Bike5112012Web
Dsc 0004Bike5112012Web


Fall has left a blanket of leaves on our yard. We’re in that in-between stage when I’d like to clean it up but there are still so many leaves on the trees.

Dsc 0048Backyard112012Web

Dsc 0007Backyard112012Web
Dsc 0005Backyard112012Web
Dsc 0022Backyard112012Web
Looking up into the sky and the branches of the giant trees is pretty fabulous from the trampoline.
Dsc 0021Backyard112012Web
Mid jump…
Dsc 0041Backyard112012Web

The new bike

Check out our sweet new ride! I got a Yuba Mundo with plans to bike commute for most of my local errands.

I’ve been tooling around the ‘hood with it for a little while but today was our first trip to the grocery store.

Heading off to the store, with a stop by my parent’s house on the way…
Dsc 0004Bikegroceries112012Web
Home again with two GIANT saddle bags full of groceries. Actually they weren’t even close to being full; these bags swallow everything up.
Note: I am wearing my recently knit “ugly sweater”. I called it that the entire time I worked on it and it is indeed frumpy but very comfy;)
Dsc 0005Grocerybike112012Web
The conservative haul. I was afraid it would be too heavy for me to balance the weight of a 55 pound bike, two kids and a ton of groceries but it was amazingly smooth…
Dsc 0010Bikegroceries112012Web