More biking

We’ve been increasing our distance a little at a time and today the kids and I did 3.7 miles to Rood Bridge Park, making it over seven miles in total.

Lotus thinks helmets are super inconvenient. The two of them back there is a lot of weight to pull and I notice my knees hurting as a result; without them my knees are fine.
Dsc 0014Park10912Web
Isaac is doing great, even asked about a second bike ride later.
Dsc 0015Park10912Web
Xander stayed home, still nursing a sore knee from a bike crash. It was probably better he didn’t come because some of the roads were not bike friendly and it was nerve wracking enough with Isaac. We’re figuring out how to get from point A to point B safely and it’s not as simple as you’d think.
Dsc 0024Park10912Web
Dsc 0028Park10912Web
Dsc 0029Park10912Web
Lotus is hard to capture!
Dsc 0032Park10912Web

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