Banks-Vernonia Bike Trail

After several rides around town, we finally loaded the bikes onto the car to try out a small section of the Banks-Vernonia railway trail.

The top of the trestle…
Img 0350Bikeride10612Web
Img 0354Bikeride10612
Img 0359Bikeride10612Web
The trestle again. We were up there!
Img 0370Bikeride10612Web
So…..getting bikes and accessories loaded up is a bit of a nightmare with a family of six. This was a good test to see what we need and what we no longer want. We learned that just because a bike rack says four bikes can fit, it doesn’t mean we want to spend the time it requires to make them fit. Stay tuned. We’ll get this figured out.
Img 0371Bikeride10612Web

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