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Sunday in the City

We took a short hike in Forest Park…

Dsc 0012Forestpark82612Web

Dsc 0014Forestpark82612Web
Dsc 0017Forestpark82612Web

Dsc 0027Forestpark82612Web
Dsc 0022Forestpark82612Web
Dsc 0051Forestpark82612Web

Dsc 0052Forestpark82612Web
Dsc 0043Forestpark82612Web
Then we played on this sweet playground…

Dsc 0064Portlandpark82612Web
Dsc 0077Portlandpark82612Web
Dsc 0075Portlandpark82612Web

Finished project

The chain link side gate/corner fence, held together with a bungee cord is no more! We don’t have the RV pictured so the utility trailer is tucked behind he gate now. Jason does good work once again.

A very old “before” pic…
Dsc 0010Eastgatemess Web
Dsc 0002Eastgate Web
Dsc 0003Eastgateweb

Jason’s current home improvement project

Jason ripped out a section of chain link gate and fencing we had on one side of the house and is replacing it with wood.

He wants to install an eight foot gate and a four foot gate that will open barn door style to allow for RV parking. We’ll be sticking our utility trailer back there for now, since we sold the RV, but it’s good to have the option;)

An eight foot, wood gate is going to require a BIG post. A big post will require a BIG hole. Jason had to dig through a layer of roots and then a layer of clay but he did it! Simon jumped in the hole a couple times to show the progress of a four foot deep hole.

I was outside with him and the entire time he was digging we discussed the pros and cons of renting some kind of digger. We chatted and chatted about it and then the hole was finished. Ha! He has two more holes to dig but they will be small.

Dsc 0014Posthole8112Web
Dsc 0004Posthole8112Web
Simon’s crazy face, “help me!” He and Xander are both standing up straight. It’s deep!
Dsc 0007Posthole8112Web