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Isaac is 11!

The weather was wonderful for Isaac’s park birthday celebration. He is having such a good day!

Dsc 0048Bday51912Web

Dsc 0061Bday51912Bday51912Web

Isaac chose Rood Bridge park for his party this year and I’m so glad he did. The giant lawn is gorgeous and the kids seemed to have a good time spreading their play out over the entire area.

Dsc 0067Bday51912Web

Dsc 0071Bday51912Web

I just love this photo of me with all the littles: Lotus, Simon, Xander, my niece Ava and my nephew Icen. I often imagine life when they are all grown and I’m missing the days when they were little, then I flash back to the present and soak them in. I love them so much and relish our beautiful life right now. Not missing a second of it!

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My Hunbun made me an apron!

Had to cut out the bedhead…yikes! But isn’t my new apron super adorable?

My Mother’s Day surprise: The kids picked out the fabric and Jason did the sewing. Just the thought of sewing makes me tense but Jason feels the same sense of accomplishment I get from knitting. I love it!

Dsc 0021Apronmom Web

In other news…

We’ve had this hammock from Honduras (a gift from my brother Aaron and his wife Sam) stored in a closet for the last ten years. I said enough was enough, lets hang the thing right in the living room.

Unfortunately the T-shirt material it is constructed with is waaaaaaay too stretchy. Even the kids take it nearly to the floor, so you can imagine the sadness when Jason or I try and lay in it. The potential for a swinging good time is there and we plan on making it happen somehow-most likely with a different hammock.

Dsc 0015Hammock Web