I *heart* wood stoves

One super high (electric) heating bill lead to a super cold month and a 1/3 reduced bill,

which lead to a new wood stove, a super toasty warm month and a 2/3 reduced electric bill. We love our new wood stove!!!! It heats the entire 1200sf of our main living space and bedrooms. The smell is wonderful and having a fire to look at is cozy too.

Jason seems to really enjoy tending the fire, the look of pride when he gets it roaring is priceless:)

Notice the sweet hearth he tiled for the floor.


The kids help stack the wood. We haven’t been very good gardeners so this has been a good activity to get us outside, working together.

Dsc 0003Woodstackweb

Jason built us a small firewood rack for the deck. I love how great it looks from just a few scraps of supplies gathered in the garage. My guy does good work!

Dsc 0001Woodstackweb

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