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post 966…no joke.

It’s a real chore to take my camera out these days. Camera depressed?

Four awesome kids.

Dsc 0043Kids42012Web

Dsc 0032Lotus42012Web Dsc 0034Lotie42012Web

Lotus makes all the moms in the park nervous when she goes on this big slide.

Dsc 0020Bigslideweb

Dsc 0011Bigslideweb

Dsc 0012Bigslide Web

A friend shared an article about how nasty the new hot dog stuffed pizza crust trend is, so of course I had to try it out. Okay, pizza and a wiener wrap in one sitting *is* a little ridiculous. Plus, I was left wondering if I should have put some mustard on my plate. It was fun to try anyway.

Dsc 0026Fattypizza Web

Our bread machine broke after many years of use. Actually it vibrated itself off the counter while kneading and the lid busted. BUT, it has been the best thing! I finally tried making bread myself and it is so much better. Bigger loaves, four at a time that last all week.

Here’s my last batch puffing up in its warm bath.

Dsc 0031Bread Web


Dsc 0065Bread Web

I *heart* wood stoves

One super high (electric) heating bill lead to a super cold month and a 1/3 reduced bill,

which lead to a new wood stove, a super toasty warm month and a 2/3 reduced electric bill. We love our new wood stove!!!! It heats the entire 1200sf of our main living space and bedrooms. The smell is wonderful and having a fire to look at is cozy too.

Jason seems to really enjoy tending the fire, the look of pride when he gets it roaring is priceless:)

Notice the sweet hearth he tiled for the floor.


The kids help stack the wood. We haven’t been very good gardeners so this has been a good activity to get us outside, working together.

Dsc 0003Woodstackweb

Jason built us a small firewood rack for the deck. I love how great it looks from just a few scraps of supplies gathered in the garage. My guy does good work!

Dsc 0001Woodstackweb