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New friends from Japan

We had a wonderful, albeit much too short, CouchSurfing experience with two Japanese guests from Yonezawa, Yamagata, Japan. Mari and her seven year old son Hikaru.

Hikaru doesn’t know any English but the boys all bonded immediately over the universal language that is Mario Kart.

Hikaru showing Xander his school work. It’s interesting to see what any student my kids age is working on, let alone another culture, since my kids homeschool. Xander and I were both pleased to see familiar levels of math. Whew! I’m keeping up! Too bad we couldn’t read the text:)

I do believe a few more months of play and the boys might actually start learning each others language quickly. Xander was already figuring out Google Translator and Hikaru said he wants to start learning English and come back for another visit.

Dsc 0014Friendsfromjapan Web

We love taking our guests to the beach. The boys played with sand toys and took turns flying the kite. Poor Isaac was left sick at home, missing all the fun.

Dsc 0006Friendsfromjapan Web

Camera timer fail…

Dsc 0016Japanesefriends Web

Just before we said goodbye. Cheese!

Dsc 0022Friendsfromjapan Web

Simon is five

My little Simon had his fifth birthday. The first birthday he was really excited for:)

Dsc 0005Simonbday Web

Dsc 0007Simonbday Web

Lotus and Simon painting. This was Lotus’ first time!

Dsc 0027Littlespaint Web

“Keep your brush to your own paper” is an agreement Lotus is not ready to make.

Dsc 0028Littlespaint Web


Dsc 0029Littlespaint Web