what’s up

Paper on the table makes lunch time fun…

Dsc 0014Dinendrawweb

Dsc 0020Yogurtmessweb

Simon uses his own hand for reference before drawing a circle with five lines. hehe! He’s so damn adorable! He does a pretty decent job writing his name too.

Dsc 0027Handweb

Xander draws some sweet zombies calling out for “brains!”

Dsc 0021Brainsweb

Isaac and I are reading two of the Little House books. Yay! He’s starting Farmer Boy and I’m starting Little House in the Big Woods. We’ll swap books if he ends up liking it.

Dsc 0029Farmerboyweb

Xander is braving his first chapter book. At least, I think it’s his first. He reads picture books, comics, online, etc very well but has been intimidated by the chapter book. I hope “Stink” helps him over the hump.

Dsc 0031Stinkweb

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