Luke’s birthday today!

Our dog friend, Luke, is 12 today!

He’s older and a little crotchety at times but he’s still our little buddy. Jason and I chose him together before we married and he’s been by our side ever since.

It cracks me up remembering how we used to “share custody.” Jason and I didn’t live together (and lived about a 2.5 hour drive apart) until we married, several months later, so we would take week long turns with our baby. I’m pretty sure speaker-phone-babytalk was involved;)

He’s not sure about the new sweater…or me asking him to sit for a picture. “Sit? what does that mean?”

Dsc 0033Lukeis12Web

Dsc 0032Lukeis12Web

Also, our two week spending freeze is over and it was TOUGH! We did end up grocery shopping a little after the first week (which was really two weeks post-grocery shopping). Who knew I could really use up all the we-don’t-have-any-food food. I whittled down to just the dry goods and continued to cook. I used all the flour, all the rice, all the oats, all the pasta, all the split peas and nearly all the beans.

We did good though and continue to make progress toward our 2012 goals. Yea!

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