Christmas 2011 brings a new twist

After several Christmases with rough, sleepless nights, early wake-ups and an exhausted day, things went differently this year. This evening, right around 7:30 we all piled into the car to go to 7-11 and when we got home all the presents had been delivered!

Yay! We might as well open them now right?

Dscn0055Xmas Web

We bought a giant roll of two-sided wrapping paper from Costco in 2006 and have been almost exclusively using it since. After wrapping ALL of this year’s gifts we finally finished the roll. That is SEVEN Christmases on the same roll of paper. I confirmed this by looking back at Christmas tree photos on my blog back that far….yep, the same paper every year. Ha!

I hope Costco hasn’t gone cheapo with their wrapping paper because we’ll buy another for sure.

Dscn0056Xmas Web

Ah, the flurry of gift time…

Dscn0064Xmas Web

They each got “gaming (texting/podster/fingerless) mitts” hand-knit by mom.


The loot, minus the sibling gifts that were under the downstairs tree waiting to be opened next.

Dscn0084Xmas Web

Dscn0088Xmas Web

Dscn0089Xmas Web

Dscn0093Xmas Web

Jason got a fancy gaming keyboard. My gift wasn’t finished in time for Christmas but I’m super excited to get it when it is. It’s a custom, hand-made knitting needle organizer and matching knitting bag. It’s going to be gorgeous!

Dscn0097Xmas Web

It never seems like we get them that much stuff but then I see it all on the table like this. Crikey!

Dscn0101Xmas Web

Simon is our kid most effected (right now) by commercials. He had to have these Socker Boppers. I love how he really tried to lay into Jason. He’s still our little guy:)

Dscn0109Xmas Web

Dscn0110Xmas Web

What a great Christmas! Now we can enjoy our night, sleep well, relax tomorrow while they play with their toys. I can leisurely make cookies for our dinner with friends. Change is good!

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