Remember this knitting fail? I ripped out all the yarn and….

Dsc 0068Babywearer Sm-1

…turned it into my first sweater SUCCESS!!!!!!! It fits great and feels like a cozy hug on a chilly day. It’s the Heather Hoodie Vest, by Debbie O’neill.

Dsc 0008Sweatervest Web

Dsc 0010Sweatervest Web2

Dsc 0011Sweatervest Web

In other news, Lotus has been walking for a few weeks now. It is still impossible to get a photo of her without someone to hold her down. She walks right to me the second I back away to take the pic. What can I say? She loves the mama! I *heart* her too. [soaking in these moments].

Dsc 0015Lotiewalks Web

In other other news, we have been catching the kids up on writing skills. Simon(4) is learning the alphabet and writing the letters, Xander(7) is learning sentence structure and Isaac(10) is learning cursive. This unschooling-inspired family is looking a lot like a structured homeschooling family on Mondays.

Dsc 0001Studies Web

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  1. Robyn Says:

    She is walking! So cute. Quentin is not walking yet. Great sweater!

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