knitting recents

I finished a few things!

The gift wrap romper by Carina Spencer has been a wonderful “coat” for baby’s first year in our climate. It’s not too hot, wears over clothing and still fits well under the car seat belt.

Dsc 000224Mromper Web

Jason helped me out with the buttons: hand shaped Primo clay, baked and unglazed.

Dsc 000324Mromper Web

I made another romper for a knitting swap I joined. I hope they like it!

Dsc 000424Mromper Web

Dsc 000624Mromper Web

I attended an open house for a local yarn shop under new ownership: Kathy’s Knit Korner, and I won a gorgeous skein of hand painted wool!


I couldn’t wait to see how it knit up, so I made Lotus her second vest from the plain vest pattern by Anna & Heidi Pickles. It still needs to be blocked and buttoned but she’s wearing it anyway;)

Dsc 0010Vest2Web

Dsc 0012Vest2Web

See that gorgeous color!? That’s by Stitchjones, the new store owner.

Dsc 0019Vest2Web

Dsc 0016Vest2Web

And one knitting fail: the baby-wearing poncho. I took it off the needle to try it on and the baby collar was WAY too low. I would have had to basically start over and it wasn’t worth it to me at this point.

So, I’ve already started something new with the cozy grey yarn. It’s going to be a sweater vest-cardi for me and I really, really hope it turns out. My record so far is not great with 0/3 sweaters wearable for myself.

Dsc 0068Babywearer Sm

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