Portishead concert

Isaac and Xander had their first concert experience this weekend. We took them with us to see Portishead in Seattle and it was a great concert!

We stayed with our friends Jenn and Tom. Jenn and I have been friends since age 13. She’s stuck with me through all that teen angst. Now that’s a friend. haha!

We met at a pumpkin patch on the way, so the kids could get all their road trip energy out…

Img 0259Seattleweb

Then off to see their new historical home in the city. I sure don’t envy all the construction they are going through but the house is amazing and the location can’t be beat. I only have ipod pics this trip, sorry…

Img 0260Seattleweb

Space needle, city lights and lake view out the window.

Img 0261Seattleweb

Jenn and Tom babysat the littles while the rest of us drove 5 minutes (5 minutes!!) to the WAMU theater for the concert.

Img 0103Portisheadweb

Img 0263Portishead

Img 0262Portishead

Img 0104Portisheadweb

Img 0107Portisheadweb

Isaac did really well, as I expected at 10 years old. Xander, being 7, I wasn’t sure. He did really well for most of it until about 30 minutes before the end. At that point he was DONE and wanted to pout us into leaving. I was ready to sacrifice the end of the show, as we should for our little guy, until Jason bought us some time with games on his phone. Whew! Everyone was happy and a good time was had. Successful first concert, I say!

Next, I want to try taking them to a symphony and a ballet. I think they will definitely enjoy it. I think the key is finding the right age to start and then maintaining flexibility to leave early, if need be.

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