New to us

The 50’s dining table set has been swapped out for this fabulous 60s/70s set.

The green, vinyl swivel chairs are pure awesome. Even Lotus’ seat is strapped to one for portable, spinning goodness.

Dsc 0002Web Table

Whatever you’d call the opposite of hoarding (purging?) is what I have. I tend to get surges of spring cleaning during any season and nothing is safe during those times. I’ve thrown out boxes of photographs. That’s how serious I am. ha!

You’d think I’d have more regrets but I don’t. The one thing I’ve been sad we got rid of was this slide before we conceived Lotus. The great thing about Craigslist is: we found another one!

The kids were remembering all the cool things they did with the slide, turing it on its side, etc. They did remember it being a lot bigger;) ha! Now Lotus and Simon are playing on it and having all the same fun Isaac and Xander had (well, and Simon but he can still have fun on it).

Dsc 0015Web Slide

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