This is the results of my vacation knitting. A lot of knitting done but nothing finished…

The grey thing-a-mabobber was supposed to be my one goal. But I decided to stop in a Hobby Lobby store, which we don’t have locally, and was impressed with the “Hobby Lobby I Love This Wool” yarn. This stuff is not bad at all and CHEAP! So I cast on a little something for Lotus and a little similar something for a 1st birthday swap I joined on Ravelry.

Dsc 0026Wipweb

Here is a finished project I don’t think I’ve shared. This is the Two Summer Dress we made before for a birthday gift. We made a second for Lotus. I did the knitting portion and Jason did the sewing. It should fit her well next summer.

See how it looks like Jason is holding her arms lovingly? He’s mostly keeping her from ripping her hat off. She’s smiling because she wants to rip her hat off;)

Dsc 0017Dressweb

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