The last chapter of our epic road trip

Arizona and California and finally back home in Oregon!

It was an amazing five weeks, 8000 miles and 14 states, packed with so many fun things to see and do. Road trip 2011 is a success!

A rest stop in Arizona…

Dsc 0002Web-25

Dsc 0006Web-21

Dsc 0008Web-22

Dsc 0011Web-24

Dsc 0013Web-13

Saguaro National Park…

The kids wanted to see some giant cacti and so we did!

Starting with this beaut…

Dsc 0042Web-16

Ha! Okay here’s the biggun’s

Dsc 0017Web-21

Dsc 0021Web-15

Dsc 0024Web-11

Dsc 0037Web-12

We had a lovely Couchsurfing experience with a woman in Tucson. She has a lovely home, soup in the crock pot, towel sets laid out for each of us. We are definitely going to have to step up our hosting game. She sets the bar high!

I didn’t take any pics of Joan unfortunately but here is Lotus on the bed wondering if a lock might make a good nipple;)

Dsc 0049Web-5

Dsc 0048Web-5

Dsc 0047Web-5

Dsc 0046Web-8

On our way out, early the next morning, my friend Timmi in Phoenix was up for a visit. The kids had a blast playing and it was great to meet a longtime online friend in the flesh. We loved Timmi’s house!

I wish you could see how long her gorgeous hair is. Jealous!!!!

Dsc 0056Web-5


We stopped and saw the giant dinosaurs (featured in the Pee Wee’s Big Adventure movie).

Dsc 0064Web-1

Dsc 0067Web-3

Dsc 0068Web-3

Dsc 0073Web

They are up inside the head of the T-rex here…

Dsc 0074Web

It was wonderful and a little odd being back home. It almost felt like we were walking into someone else’s home. BUT, we slept great and it is GOOD TO BE HOME!!!!!!!

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