Driving, driving, driving…

We’re making our way home and finishing up day three of our week long drive.

The first two days didn’t include very much sight seeing other than the gorgeous views out the window. We breezed through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and started the long trek through Texas.

We had a wonderful couchsurfing experience in San Antonio with the Lavens. They were the sweetest folks, making us feel right at home. They got the kids cozy on the couch for a movie and popcorn. They know just what kids need to wind down after a long day on the road.

Then they sent us off with one of their CDs. Great music! I wish we could have made it to one of their shows.

Lots-o-photos time…

Isaac says he is unable to sleep in the car, so Jason keeps snapping photos of him “not sleeping.” ha!

Img 0037

Big ol’ wagon wheel at a Texan rest stop…

Dsc 0005Web-22

Dsc 0004Web-41

And finally Carlsbad(ass) Caverns. It was HUGE and beautiful.

Even more amazing than the caves was that we were told to whisper quietly while in the cave and the kids were actually near silent the entire time we were inside. Yes, Simon was quiet??! !

Dsc 0012Web-19

Dsc 0034Web-12

Dsc 0049Web-5

Dsc 0013Web-16

Dsc 0056Web-5

Dsc 0058Web-3

After the caves we drove to Carlsbad, NM to find a hotel. The town looked dumpy at first but we found a river that is a flanked by playgrounds running up and down both sides….seriously, a different play structure every 200 yards or so. Wonderful parks!

Img 0042

Img 0053

Img 0049

Ha! Weeeeeeh! 😉

Img 0054

Img 0081-1

Img 0080

Img 0061

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  1. Kirsten Says:

    Okay, the pictures of Xander and the cactus, the slide with “bitches” and Lolo’s lashes… I love them!

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