Week three in Florida

And soaking up every minute of the sun and surf we can before we have to leave.

The best part about staying here for a full, relaxing three weeks is the extra time we have to chat with the locals and explore places we would have missed otherwise.

A guy on his motorcycle pulled to the side of the road told us we should have lunch at this restaurant where the kids can feed alligators…

Img 0353Web

While eating our lunch, the waitress told us about a great spray park down the road. So we dropped Jason back home to get back to work and off we went to see the park…

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Dsc 0011Web-25

While the kids enjoyed the spray park, I sat on a bench and chatted with another lady. She told me about a nice beach just a little further down the road called Sand Key. So after they played, we headed to the beach.

The walk from the parking lot…

Dsc 0019Web-20

Dsc 0020Web-10

Dsc 0022Web-20

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Watching two pelicans fish together and my boys having fun makes me happy!

Dsc 0042Web-17

The water is so clear and with each wave a school of small fish can be seen rushing by.

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Dsc 0034Web-11

Dsc 0036Web-6

I begged them to stay on this beach here with me forever but they insisted on going home eventually.

Dsc 0045Web-9

And just because this pic was in the batch I imported off the camera. Lotus having fun pulling out all the plastic. She is getting so close to walking!

Dsc 0001Web-32

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