Tampa Zoo

After so many trips to Florida, I have never been to the zoo. When spending more than a week I guess we have time to see what else is here.

The Zoo here is CRAZY! The center is like a kids amusement park: rides, fountains for playing, jungle gym. We “had” to see the monkeys to get to it but then the kids spent four hours playing. It was so hot we could have left without seeing anymore animals…but that seemed like a TRAVESTY to me. We managed to break the spell and ride the tram thing to see all the animals. Whew! I could go home without the shame of spending $80 (yep) and not seeing any animals at a zoo.

The best part was getting to meet some friends! One of the moms on an online forum, for babies born in May 2001, lives here. We have been a part of this forum for over 10 years and never met in real life until now. Lyanna is an absolute gem and her kids (exact same age as my three boys) are wonderful. They had a great time together and we look forward to meeting in a park once more before our journey home.


Our little fruit bats. Those fruit bats are NOT little, by the way. They looked like cats with wings hanging in their exhibit.


The hog-nosed turtles were fun, coming up for food and petting.


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