Gems from the other camera

Jason bought us a memory card reader so I can import the pics off our little point and shoot camera. I found some more fun pics from our journey here…




The location of this dinosaur park in Utah could not be any more beautiful, nestled at the base of these mountains.


The museum was cool too. Isaac enjoyed the display of gems and rock types. He was comparing the real thing to the mining he has done in the game Minecraft, “OH! So that’s obsidian!” hehe


The herd of deer crossing the road, on our way to the Ames Broher’s Pyramid. I wasn’t quick enough to get my camera out but Jason caught it. Yay!


We have seen a lot of windmills. Also, had to do a little online detective work to learn what snow drift fencing is. We drove by miles and miles of it, reassuring us we made the right decision to take the north route while it was still summer. 😀



We try to split up the driving 50/50 but Jason does more. He enjoys it. I do too, but it makes me sleepy.


2 Responses to “Gems from the other camera”

  1. Kinsey Says:

    Those are antelope, so even more of a bonus for catching a photo of them. 😀 And how ace is that waterfall!

  2. Zoe Says:

    Antelope! I was wondering what exactly they were. As an animal show junkie, it was definitely the highlight of my trip.

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