Want to see our cozy little Florida home?

I thought I’d take pics of our little home here in Florida. It is exactly how my grandparents left it.

My aunt was so kind to let us stay here. The house is for sale and I will be sad when it is no longer an option to stay here:(

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The dishwasher s kinda blurry in this pic but it’s there! j/k, Babe.

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The thrift stores shopping is fantastic. We picked up this highchair for $15…and we’ll be re-donating it before we leave.

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A real grandparents home with FOUR recliners and THREE rocking chairs.

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Aside from the kids Nintendo DSs, Jason’s little laptop is the only source of possible TV watching. He has it sitting close to his office for his Magic Jack phone and an adapter to the TV so we can watch and hear on the TV screen. We watch Netflix in the evening sometimes.

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One of the four bedrooms Jason chose for his office. He is working from here the next two weeks.

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Kids are getting a lesson on how we used to turn on the TV and change the channel. Times were ROUGH back in our day!

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Dsc 0020Bbbweb

It is a comfortable little home!

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