More fun in the sun

We are loving life here in the Tampa Bay area.

The Children’s Museum…

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The kids wanted to go to the local pool instead of the beach today but the kiddie pool is closed for maintenance until tomorrow, so we explored the town of New Port Richey instead…

Sweet park!

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The park (and town) lies right next to this river…

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It is hot outside and the most adorable cafe and ice creamery was across the street from the park…

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Way too hot. We had to at least hit the beach and cool off before heading home.

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Teeny, tiny hermit crabs cruising along the shallows entertained the kids quite a bit…

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They look pretty cute in action.

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Me and my brood:)

We have been appreciating the swim shirts and saving on sunscreen but the kids started complaining their chest hurt after several days of use. I realized nipple chafing was the issue, just like runners get. Yikes! So no more swim shirts for now. I hope I can get the sunscreen on evenly.

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Slurping the salt water off her fingers and eating sand. Good times!

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    How ace is that play structure!

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