ROAD TRIP! (Days one and two)

The family and I started our cross-country road trip from Oregon to Florida last Saturday the 10th (Jason’s birthday!) and it has been so much fun. We will be hitting our destination in Florida, for three weeks of rest and relaxation, tomorrow(!!!).

Since we arrived early to a hotel tonight, I finally have time to sit down and update the blog on our activities the last six days. Bear with me, since I don’t have photoshop I’m not doing any cropping or dust spot removal (old camera, badly needing a cleaning).

(each day will be a new post because pics are going in SLOW on this laptop on hotel wireless.)


We drove from home to Boise, ID, where we (tent) camped for the night.

Activity: None


We drove from Boise, ID to Lyman, WY, where we tent camped at a KOA for the night.

Activity: Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, ID (I almost typed Twin Peaks, ha!)

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Dsc 0004-1

Dsc 0005-3

Dsc 0009-2

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