Road trip: Day three

An addition to Day two activities:

Dinosaur Park in Ogden, UT

Dsc 0014-2

Dsc 0019-2

Dsc 0023-1


We drove from Lyman, WY to Ogalla, NE, where we “couchsurfed” at a home in the country. It was wonderful! The loud crickets, wide open corn fields, full moon, lack of city lights; all amazing!


Ames Brother’s Pyramid in eastern Wyoming

This place was so random and isolated. No people, clicks of locusts hopping, herd of deer crossing the dirt road in front of our car.

Dsc 0027-1

Dsc 0032-1

Dsc 0036-3

Dsc 0038

Dsc 0044-2

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  1. Kirsten Says:

    The dino park looks awesome! I especially like the purple and white polka dotted one on the grass 😉 You guys should build a pyramid in your backyard! Love the last picture of LoLo in the passenger seat. Cute!

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