Road trip: Day Six


We drove from Nashville, TN to Macon, GA and staying the night in a ghetto (aka dirty, no shower curtain??) but big and cheap hotel.


Minister’s Treehouse in Crossville, TN

God told him to build a treehouse and build it he did. He has been building and building and it is claimed to be the “World’s biggest”

It is completely free of charge for anyone to see and it was definitely our favorite stop.

Dsc 0087-1

Dsc 0092

Dsc 0093

Dsc 0095

Dsc 0099

A super sweet lawn chair swing was the best!

Dsc 0113

Dsc 0121

Can you tell it was my fav?? I made the kids laugh. I think God is telling me I need one of these swings in my back yard.

Dsc 0124

This is our last night on the road (until the drive home). Tomorrow we arrive at the little house in Florida where I spent much time visiting my grandparents as I was growing up. The grandparents won’t be there, sadly, but I look forward to spending three weeks showing my children the house, town, beach, amusement parks and RELAXATION. yeah!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Kirsten Says:

    Wow! That treehouse is amazing! Did you guys all add your names somewhere? The swing looks super fun, I love that you and Xander are laughing!

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