Road Trip: Day four and five


We drove from Ogalla, NE to Salina, KS and stayed in a hotel.


Prairie Dog Town in Oakley, KS.

This place read like it was going to be an animal freak show. It had a couple unusual animals: two steeds with a fifth leg hanging off their backs, a dwarfed donkey….and that’s it. The rest were a hodge podge of sad looking animals in cages. A box of rattle snakes “sizzling” and the grounds littered with prairie dogs popping in and out of their network of tunnels (don’t trip on a hole!) proved to be a great break from the road for the boys.

Dsc 0045-2

Dsc 0049-1

A tiny prairie dog head is peeking out of its burrow. I know, hard to see.

Dsc 0067-2

The gift shop was classic.

Dsc 0075-1


We drove from Salina, KS to Nashville, TN where we stayed in a city hotel.


Bowling in Mt. Vernon, IL.

Watched an episode of Driver, Dine-ins and Dives for Athena’s Greek Family Restaurant in Nashville and then ate there for dinner when we pulled into town. It was indeed yummy!

Dsc 0082-1

Simon sacked out with Nashville, TN city lights in view. Huge lightning going on.

Dsc 0084-2

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  1. Kirsten Says:

    Ha! I love the signs in the background: “Attitude adjustment while you wait”. I need that one at work! And “I don’t have a gun… my Pitbull has AIDS”. Nice.

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