Every year at this time…

I appreciate my kids are NOT starting back to school. We are free…free…FREE! They can continue to listen to their own body’s needs for sleep, food, running, playing, getting up, sitting down, using the bathroom, socializing, not socializing, going outside, staying inside. FREE!!!!

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In three more days we are off on a five week adventure around the US. We are so excited!

2 Responses to “Every year at this time…”

  1. megan conser Says:

    hahahah- I was thinking about you this year. A little jelous of the freedom maybe. I love that they use forks for popcorn. My kids too. And YES! Lotus is just the sweetest litlte thing ever!

  2. Zoe Says:

    hehe popcorn? no! mac n cheese!!! homemade though so not as yellow/orange. and now we know your kids are crazy, using forks for popcorn:P love you!

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