baby schtuff and painting

Good thing we put the gate up early. Lotus is on the move *and* pulling up!

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We bought a big, ugly, grey roof-rack storage container off Craigslist for for a road trip coming up. My sister in law Holly painted the top and my mom came today to work on the sides a bit. It should be the splash of color I was looking for!

We are so excited to be taking the family on an epic cross-country road trip from Oregon to Florida and back in September/October. There will be funky road side attractions, couch surfing, camping and diners along the way. We’ll hang out on the beach, catch lizards, go to Busch Gardens and RELAX for three weeks in Florida. We’ll enjoy more road side attractions, couch surfing, camping and diners on the way home via a completely different route.

I anticipate it being both wonderful and terrible at the same time with four young children. Ha! But we’ll still do it. Yes we will.

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I babysat the neph today so, while she painted, baby Icen and I hung out and kept her company. Icen was out like a light. I wooed him with my baby whispering skills;)

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