Lotus is on the move!

…and all my pics of her will be blurry from now until she’s about 3.5 years old. 😉

I think she looks so darn cute in her diaper and T-shirt today.

Dsc 0010Web-24

Tasting a leaf…

Dsc 0014Web-19

Dsc 0016Web-15

See ya!!!!!!

Dsc 0017Web-20

Dsc 0021Web-14

So much to look at now that she knows she can get to it. haha!

Dsc 0023Web-9

One Response to “Lotus is on the move!”

  1. Aunt to the cute little cutie! Says:

    Why does it seem like she is growing up WAY faster then Icen, lol. Everytime I see her progress I think, there is no way Icen will be doing that soon!
    She is so scrumptious!

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