Purging has gotten radical

I think I’m addicted to getting rid of stuff!

My urge to purge used to come up once a year, which was good for sorting the current from the unused kids clothes and clearing out junk toys and books.

This year, I am getting the itch to get rid of stuff every other month and I’m sure it has to do with sorting through my husband’s Grandmas stuff after she died.

We sorted stacks and stacks of papers, cards, old letters, receipts and it made me wonder what the value was in saving these things; packing and relocating these things every time they moved?? What % of our own stuff is exactly like this: very little value but burdening us with the chore of storage, cleaning and maintenance?

Room by room purging is my goal. I look at a room and everything in it and imagine what it would take to pack it all up for a move. Every object in the room gets inspected and if it doesn’t get used, it’s out!

The blinders are sneaky though! It takes a lot of effort and repeat inspection to see the stuff that needs purging.

The house is coming along nicely but I say the “purging has gotten radical” because I flipped out over too many cups in the dishwasher in a single day and purged almost all the dishes. It wasn’t as hard as it seems because we don’t have “grown up” dishes. We still have the mish-mash of crap achieved when two people marry and combine their survival stash from college.

I decided to try an experiment of limiting the dishes (and silverware!) to one set per person in our family and place a dish rack on the counter for quick rinsing.

It’s only been a couple days and so far, so good! I’m sure this will change a bit but we have been using even fewer dishes than expected, rinsing and re-using from the dish rack. We haven’t run the dishwasher at all!

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A big hurdle is going to be photographs, paper *and* digital. I’m not so excited about that one. Scared, actually.

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